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Children and youth - advanced from 4 years to 15 years

Skikurse für Fortgeschrittene

The children are divided into different groups according to their skill level.

Course from 10:15 am to 01:15 pm 

Guaranteed courses: Christmas holidays, semester break, Easter holidays and every weekend

Skikurse für FortgeschritteneBeside these times we can only offer a course with at least 4 people.


Our experienced ski instructors offer special programs with a lot of fun and action, so you will improve your skiing skills.

Lunch and lunchtime supervision

Skikurse für Fortgeschrittene

We also offer a lunch service so you can enjoy a great day skiing yourself!
You can leave your children after the course from 01:15 pm to 02:45 pm in the ski school.
During the lunch service we offer the children a meal and drinks.

Ski passes and equipment are not included in the price.

If the group decreases to only three participants, we take the right to put them together or to shorten the hours of instruction.



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